All Natural Home Cleaning Products – greenJO

Sulfonic acid, SLES, fatty alcohol, caustic soda, urea, sulfonate, sodium cumene, preservative, color… Which of these ingredients would you put in your mouth? I bet you you are thinking none of them sound edible. So would you be surprised to know that these are the ingredients that are in Palmolive dishwashing soap? The same soap we are using to scrub the dishes, glasses and utensils we then put our food on/in and then into our bodies. Now most people wash the soap off, yes, (unless you are one of those types that don’t…) but we can’t guarantee that some sort of residue isn’t sticking around. Especially when it comes to bottles that you have to run water for days into until they seem sud-free. As I try to eat all natural food and buy all natural cosmetics, why would I then be using toxic cleaning supplies? It just doesn’t make sense, but for this time only, I’ll pull out some age old excuses…

Finding all natural cleaning products has always been on my list of things to do, but then I never do it because they never seem to be that easy to find. Yes, I know, make my own… but if I’m too lazy to make dinner for myself, then I’m definitely too lazy to start concocting my own home cleaning supplies, no matter how simple the ingredients. At the moment I only use white vinegar when it comes to cleaning the house, but when it comes to washing dishes and clothes, I don’t think white vinegar will do the trick.

After saying all the above, you can imagine I was quite pleased to find a company here in Jordan that makes its own 100% natural cleaning products. Let me introduce you to greenJO

About greenJO

greenJO was started by a mother for her family, as a way to offer safe and natural products, free from toxic chemical, to use for home cleaning. Their mission is to
offer natural alternatives for cleaning, sanitizing and pest control. Alternatives that are simple, easy to use and harmless to our families and the environment.

greenJO Products

greenJO products

At the moment, their product list consists of all purpose cleaner (650ml, 3L or 5L), drain freshener, dry scrub (to clean and shine any stainless steel surfaces, pots and pans), laundry boost powder, bug buster and artist brush & hand soap. And coming soon they will have countertop & glass spray and air & linen freshener.

Where to buy

You can buy greenJO products at Remedy’s Wellness Pharmacy and Marche Gourmet Stores.

remedys marche amman

My Review

greenJO natural cleaning products amman

greenJO was nice enough to send me a generous sampler kit of the 5L all purpose cleaner, laundry boost powder and the bug buster. Here’s what I thought of each one:

All Purpose Cleaner

Uses: Floors, toilets, dishes, laundry.

What I thought: This product is AWESOME. It has a really nice scent and leaves floors, dishes and clothes very clean. Clothes don’t need fabric softener with this product either which is a double win as softener is packed with harmful chemicals. My one concern is that one of the ingredients is palm oil, I’m hoping that it is from a renewable and fair-trade source.

Laundry Boost Powder

UsesWhitens and remove tough stains on clothes without affecting colors.

What I thought: I hate using bleach, so this product is great for a natural alternative. (Un)fortunately my whites aren’t too dirty, so I couldn’t test the real effectiveness of this boost powder. This means you will find me soon eating a plate of red sauce spaghetti with a white dress on to add a few more stains to my clothes.

Bug Buster

Uses: Keep bugs away with this powder that dries the insects from the inside out.

What I thought: Now I know I just mentioned that I want my products to be cruelty-free because I don’t want to hurt any living, breathing being, so there’s a bit of a grey area in my life when it comes to killing pests around the house. Personally I choose the humane route when it comes to pest control. This includes getting rid of the 3 cockroaches that used to live between the kitchen and the bathroom by using a Swiffer sweeper to play a (gentle) game of hockey with them to get them out the door. It’s more the ants that I was a bit irritated by, so I gave the Bug Buster a try. I sprinkled it in the crevices I see them and 24 hours later I still see ants. To be fair, there could be 100s or 1000s of these little buggers so could take some time for the Bug Buster to be more effective.

To wrap it up, I definitely recommend greenJO products for everyone! They’re better for you, your loved ones and the environment. Plus, you’ll support a local Jordanian business. To buy their products you can contact them:


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