Animal Rescue in Jordan – Malath Canaan Rescue

As a self-proclaimed animal activist, it really tugged at my heartstring to see the amount of cats and dogs on the streets and I immediately wanted to know what Jordan is doing for their stray animal population. As I was researching animal shelters, I came across Malath-Canaan Rescue.

malath canaan rescue jordan

Needless to say, I was intrigued to find out more, so I recently spoke with the woman who is running the organization, Lama Ghobar. Keep reading to find out more about Malath, the miracles they’re performing and how you can help rescue animals in Jordan.

When did Malath-Canaan Rescue start?

Malath-Canaan Rescue was started 5 years ago by Ms. Lama Ghobar and a few other volunteers.

lama founder malath canaan rescue amman
Ms. Lama and one of many of the lucky rescues

Why they started this animal rescue organization

The idea behind starting Malath was to raise enough funds to open a shelter for Jordan’s national breed, the Canaan. When Lama thought about it, she realized that a shelter should be at a later stage due to the extremely high cost that it requires and the trustworth and committed man power. She noticed that most of the Canaan dogs that go into the shelter almost never get adopted and will end up with 100s of unwanted dogs that will remain in the shelter for the rest of their lives.

What Malath is all about

Malath is about raising awareness about our wonderful breed. They are trying to educate the public about this breed whenever they get the opportunity to do so and expose how dogs are treated in Jordan and what dogs that are not protected by the law go through.

Caution: Graphic image below of how the Jordanian government deals with strays

jordan municipality stray dogs
Graphic but true – The Jordanian government does not protect stray dogs. When an animal is reported they either poison the animal or shoot it.

Changing the Jordanian mindset

Malath is working hard to gradually change the Jordanian image of seeing the Canaan dog in the streets and thinking of it as a wild or aggressive dog to a new image of a dog that is domesticated, can live indoors, sit or cuddle on the couch, go for walks, wear an adorable hoodie, and be pampered like any other dog.

adopt dog amman jordan
Who’s up for a cuddle?

How they rescue the dogs and what happens post-rescue

They normally get pleas for help from kind people who report about dogs in a desperate situation. Due to limited space and resources, they mostly rescue the extremely injured mama dogs and very young pups.

malath canaan rescue jordan mom and pups
A mama Canaan and her newborn pups

At this point in time, Malath is rescuing at least 20 dogs per year. These dogs are placed in foster homes or they board them, treat any medical issues, socialize them and find them homes in the United States, or sometimes in Jordan.

Malath’s miracles

Malath is a miracle worker. They have fostered the most abused dogs you can imagine and found them the wonderful homes in the US. They are very proud of what they were able to accomplish in few years with almost no funds and no real help.

adopt dogs of jordan
A new life in the USA for Titan (right), a Malath rescue

How you can help…

Foster a dog

If you would like to help out with Malath-Canaan Rescue, they are always looking to expand their network of foster homes in Jordan. If you would like to volunteer to be a foster parent to one of, or more, of their dogs, you can write them on their Facebook Page:

Adopt a dog

adopt canaan amman jordan
Adopt a pup, don’t buy one from the pet shop!

If you are looking to adopt a dog, you can also write them on their Facebook page. To adopt, you must fill-out an application, and then they check your references and even stalk you on social media. They are very strict about who they adopt to as they are looking for forever homes for their “babies”!

Shop & raise money for Malath

bonjojo handmade pet products amman jordan

Check out BonJoJo, a home-based store that sells pet products that are made in Jordan by underprivileged tailors. Part of their profits go to Malath Canaan Rescue Jordan!

You can see and buy their products here:

Be proactive

If you see an injured animal on the streets, you can always send a message to Malath on Facebook for help, but due to their limited resources, they greatly appreciate those who take the matters into their own hands to help the animal. You yourself can bring the animal directly to the vet to seek treatment. For animals that need homes, you can write Malath to see if they have any space in their network of rescues.

3 thoughts on “Animal Rescue in Jordan – Malath Canaan Rescue

  1. I am a US citizen working here in Amman for the air force. Here on the base I am at there is a group of stray dogs. Many are still puppies and some seem to be injured often. I am trying to see if anyone can help these animals. Get them care and cleaned up to hopefully be adopted?


    1. Hi Steven. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Are the puppies in any danger at all? Would they be OK to stay on the base and perhaps you guys can feed them?


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