Rooftop Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Lounges in Amman

One of the best parts about Amman is the skyline, especially at sunset, when the stone buildings turn a particular shade of pink and orange. Pair the impressive sunset skyline views with the perfect summer weather, a drink and a bite to eat, and you’re in for a magical evening.
Here is a running list, in alphabetical order, of the rooftop restaurants, cafes, bars and/or lounges across Amman that are not to miss…


books at cafe rooftop amman
Type: Cafe
Location: Rainbow Street (Jabal Amman)
Open: May until October (and on weekends year-round if weather permits)
Reservations: 06 465 0457
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cantaloupe gastropub amman rooftop
Type: Gastropub
Location: Rainbow Street (Jabal Amman)
Reservations: 07 7000 0717, 07 7773 3333
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Type: Restaurant
Location: Le Royale Hotel rooftop, Al Motanabbi Street (3rd Circle)
Reservations: 06 460 3000
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District Urban Rooftop

district urban rooftop amman
Type: Bar & Restaurant
Location: Shepherd Hotel rooftop, Zayd Bin Harethah Street (Jabal Amman)
Reservations: 07 7001 7517
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Dunia Rooftop

dunia rooftop amman
Type: Restaurant & Lounge
Location: Complex No 2, Al Farabi Street 2, (2nd Circle – Jabal Amman)
Reservations: 07 9750 6070
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Ghoroub Sunset Bar

ghoroub rooftop amman
Type: Bar & Lounge (has the longest bar in Amman)
Location: Landmark Hotel 13th floor, Al Hussein Bin Ali Street 43 (between 3rd and 4th Circles)
Open: May to October
Reservations: 07 9833 1313
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iguana rooftop amman
Type: Gastropub
Location: The Boulevard, 1 Western Square, Black Iris Street (Abdali)
Reservations: 07 7773 3333
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La Calle

Me during my first visit to Amman at La Calle

Type: Restaurant & Bar
Location: Rainbow Street (1st Circle, Jabal Amman)
Open: Year-round
Reservations: 07 7726 6928
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Living Room Loft

living room loft rooftopType: Lounge
Location: Mohammad Hussein Haykal Street 3, Above Romero Restaurant, (3rd Circle)
Reservations: 06 465 5998
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Old View Cafe

old view cafe rooftop amman
Type: Restaurant & Cafe
Location: Rainbow Street (Jabal Amman)
Reservations: 07 9531 0380, 06 465 3516
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paloma rooftop amman
Type: Lounge
Location: Irbid Street, Villa #6 (Abdoun)
Reservations: 07 9595 9619
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prego rooftop ammanType: Lounge
Location: Grenada Hotel rooftop, Al Imam Malek Street 9 (1st Circle, Jabal Amman)
Reservations: 07 9653 3838
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sekrab rooftop amman
Type: Pub & Restaurant
Location: Rainbow Street, building #2, next to Heritage Hotel (1st Circle, Jabal Amman)
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Love this!: SeKrab’s decor and furnishings are made out of up-cycled, recycled, and reused items.

Skyline Sushi & Thai

Type: Restaurant
Location: Landmark Hotel top floor, Al Hussein Bin Ali Street 43 (between 3rd and 4th Circles)
Reservations: 07 9833 1313
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Love this!: Inspired by the Japanese legend of Senbazuru, that promises anyone who folds 1,000 origami cranes the chance to be granted a wish. Fold a crane at their restaurant and help make a dream come true. For every 100 cranes made, Landmark Amman Hotel commits to granting one person’s wish to children with incurable diseases.

The Deck

The Deck Lounge amman rotana rooftop
Type: Bar & Lounge
Location: Rotana Hotel 6th floor, Black Iris Street, The Boulevard (Abdali)
Reservations: 06 520 8888
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U Roof Lounge

U roof lounge amman rooftop
Type: Bar & Lounge
Location: 21st floor, The Regency Palace Hotel, Queen Alia Street
Open: May until October
Reservations: 07 8777 9988
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vinaigrette rooftop amman
Type: Restaurant
Location: AlQasr Metropole Hotel 7th Floor, Al Aroub Street (Shmeisani)
Open: Year-round
Reservations: 06 566 6140
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vivid amman rooftop terrace
Type: Lounge
Location: The Boulevard (Abdali)
Reservations: 07 9162 1111
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Wet Deck

Type: Bar & Lounge
Location: W Hotel, Rafiq Hariri Street 13 (Abdali)
Reservations: 06 510 8888
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Wild Jordan

wild jordan amman rooftop
Type: Restaurant
Location: Othman Bin Affan Street 36 (Jabal Amman)
Reservations: 06 463 3542
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Zoka Cafe

zoka cafe amman rooftop
Type: Argileh Lounge
Location: Saed Abdo Shammout Street 37 (Abdoun)
Reservations: 07 9732 6665
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8 thoughts on “Rooftop Restaurants, Cafes, Bars & Lounges in Amman

  1. RACIST AND RUDE … Ku De Ta and O six gastro lounge, they are super rude and racist!!! they asked our colleagues who wear hijabs to leave the place … in JORDAN!!!! They should be ashamed !!!!


      1. I did, and now they are trying to scare me and intimidate my friends. The manager admitted that girls who wear headscarfs are not welcome. you can see their comments as well in their reply to my review. Before they delete it!


    1. if they told her that she is not welcome because of hijab means that this will be the best place in town soon. why do they wear hijab if they want to be treated like human; of course unless she is forced to. i am very impressed.


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