English Speaking Doctors in Amman – Dermatologist

Being new to a country and looking for a doctor can be quite the difficult task. I don’t particularly like to just Google doctors, so when I needed a dermatologist here in Amman, I was lucky enough to get a suggestion from a Jordanian friend who I trust. Of course, the most important part of a recommendation is that the doctor is qualified, but as a non-Arabic speaker, I also value that the doctor speaks perfect English because I still fear that hand gestures and my limited vocabulary could cause me to have an organ or two removed instead of a basic check-up.

As for my recommendation for a dermatologist in Amman – Dr. Aseel Tawalbeh.

Important note: Dr. Aseel ONLY sees female patients.

dr aseel tawalbeh amman dermatologist

My Review

Upon entering the clinic, which is very clean and modern, I scoped out all of the diplomas and certificates hanging on the waiting room walls. From the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to Harvard, it is obvious that Dr. Aseel has received training from very prestigious institutes. Though her qualifications are impressive, what really impressed me was how she was willing to adapt treatment to my requirements. As I try my hardest to stay away from pharmaceutical drugs and chemical products, she helped find the best solution for me, while giving me free samples so I didn’t have to buy a huge bottle of the product before knowing if it works for me or not.

All in all, I highly recommend Dr. Aseel, but if I can give feedback where there is room for improvement, it’s to provide products that are not treated on animals. As far as I saw, she works mainly with La Roche Posay, which is owned by L’Oreal and does conduct animal testing. She also works with Avene, whose products are unclear whether they are tested on animals or not.

Price of consulation: 40 JD

Location: Ibn Khaldoun Street – Opposite of Al Khalidi Hospital – Al Hayat Medical Life Complex #40 – Fourth Floor (Jabal Amman – 4th Circle)

Tip: Dr. Aseel’s practice is located in a VERY crowded area and parking is hard to come by, so either arrive early, or take a taxi.

Phone number: 064641291

7 thoughts on “English Speaking Doctors in Amman – Dermatologist

  1. Hi! Thanks for the tip! You might want to let your readers know that Dr. Aseel will not see male patients. At least that’s what her office said when I tried to make an appointment for my husband.


    1. Thank you so much for this info! I never even thought about it being women only. Let me know if you find a good dermatologist for your husband and I can add to the list of English speaking dermatologists.


  2. hello this is actually a question related to translation, the topic is acne and the term is
    ¨Pustules¨ how would you translate it to Arabic?


    1. Hi Lubna. I actually have no idea what that would be in Arabic. The doctor speaks English so no Arabic would be needed to tell her this.


      1. Hello Chelsea, thank you for your reply, maybe i didn’t explain myself correctly, it’s not to help me communicate with the doctor it’s actually a favour that i’m asking as I need to translate this word into Arabic but i am not sure of the term so I was hoping that she could help me since she speaks Arabic too and it’s her domain 🙂
        Thank you again.


  3. Thanks for this review! it does make a difference to hear a personal review as it gives more credibility to it! For an OBs/GYN (Obstetrics and gynaecology) doctor , I recommend Dr.Rami Kilani. He undertook his residency in the USA and stayed there for a while so he is fluent in English and has an extremely easy-going nature! he also speaks German!


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