Art Galleries in Amman

As an art history buff, one of my favorite places to browse wherever I go are the local art galleries. Below is a running list of art galleries in Amman where you can purchase art work. Be sure to comment below if I’m missing a place!

Al Hara Art Gallery by Bishara Al Najjar

Sells original artwork  (one piece each / no copies).

al hara art gallery amman

Location: Shuhada al Haram al Ibrahimi Street, Building 7, 7th Circle

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Artisana & Gallery 14

artisana and gallery 14 amman jordan.png

Artisana is the house of traditional and modernized Jordanian handcrafts. “Made in Jordan” masterpieces that promote the beautiful heritage of the country. Gallery 14 promotes modern and contemporary Jordanian artists who have emerged to reflect their love of painting and drawing in various artistic styles.

Location:  14 Mansour Kreishan Street, 2nd Circle


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Dar Al-Anda

dar al anda art gallery amman

One of Jordan’s most prominent contemporary art galleries. Displays and sells fine art that caters to all budgets.

Location: 3 Dhirar Bin Al Azwar Street, Jabal Al-Weibdeh


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Darat Al Funun

darat al funun art gallery amman

Home for the arts housed in six renovated historical buildings and warehouses, with a restored archaeological site in the garden. Darat al Funun actively pursues its mission in providing a platform for contemporary Arab artists. They support art practices, artistic exchange, stimulate critical discourse and research. (Note: They do NOT sell art work).

Location: 13 Nadeem Al-Mallah Street, Jabal Al-Weibdeh


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Duinde Gallery (Salam Kanaan Gallery)

salam kanaan duinde gallery amman

Open since 2007, Duinde Gallery, also known as Salam Kanaan Gallery, is where the Jordanian artist Salam Kanaan paints and shows his art work. It’s also a cafe where you can order hot and cold drinks.

Location: Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman

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foresight32 art gallery amman

Foresight32 Art Gallery was established in 1991; under the name Baladna Art Gallery, the first private art gallery in Jordan. Dedicated to becoming the point of reference in the national and international art scene by means of an experimental and innovative approach to become a true incubator of contemporary culture; offering original artworks by prominent and emerging local, regional and international artists.

Location: Ibn Al Roumi Street, between the 5th and 6th Circles


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haseba art gallery amman

Location: Abdoun

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Jacaranda Images

jacaranda images art gallery amman

Artworks include Screen prints, etchings, lithographs, photographs, as well as reproductions and posters, collected from around the globe. The selection of work is suitable for those looking for affordable art pieces for their home or corporate environment.

Location: Omar Bin Al Khattab Street (Mango Street), Building # 18, Jabal Amman


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Jasmine House Art & Food

jasmine house art gallery and restaurant amman

Jasmine House Art & Food is a restaurant which hosts the works of artists. It is also home two laboratories: one promoting local culture and architecture and the creative space of a young Anglo-Jordanian emerging photographer, Sami Haven.

Location: Al Baouneyya Street 28, Jabal Al-Weibdeh

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KARIM Gallery

karim gallery amman

KARIM Gallery was established in 2007 and displays Middle Eastern Contemporary Art.

Location: 43, Wadi Saqra (Arrar)

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Nabad Art Gallery

nabad art gallery amman

Nabad is a cultural space that exhibits and provides contemporary art by emerging and established visual artists from the region and abroad. Since its establishment in 2008, Nabad has aimed to play an active role on the Arab art scene.

Location: 46 Uthman bin Affan St., First Circle, Jabal Amman


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Orfali Art Gallery

orfali art gallery amman

Orfali Gallery and Art Center was established in 1993 and has collections that are changed on a regular basis. The gallery specializes in artists from the Arab world, but has also hosted exhibitions from England, Italy and New Zealand. Started as a family business by art collector Ina’am Orfali, the gallery displays works from all schools of art, exposing visitors to a broad range of paintings, sculptures and other forms of art. Selective in its choice of artists, Orfali brings together masterpieces from many fine Jordanian, Iraqi and other Arab artists. The gallery offers artists, critics, poets and musicians a wonderful opportunity to express themselves freely and exquisitely. 

Location: Kufa Street, Umm Uthaina


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Orient Gallery

orient gallery amman

Orient Gallery was established in 1996 and is dedicated to the promotion of emerging and established Arab artists. Has a private collection and numerous exhibitions that rotate year-round.

Location: 92 Al Suways Street, Abdoun


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Sadouf Gallery

sadouf gallery amman

Original artwork by Sadouf Salem (pictured above).

Location: Ali Seydo Al-Kurdi Street, Swefieh

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Sararash Art

sararash art gallery amman

Sararash Art Gallery sells paintings & artsy pieces, also home decorations and accessories. All artwork is created by the artist Shahad Dawood.

Location: Ha’el Street, Umm Uthaina

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Wadi Finan

wadi finan art gallery amman

Wadi Finan’s goal is to push cultural borders and increase appreciation for aesthetic value in Amman. With art that varies in audience from children to adults, Wadi Finan features several different artists from the region.

Location: Mohammad Al Sharebi Street, Jabal Amman


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Zara Gallery

zara gallery amman

Zara Gallery hosts many young as well as accomplished artistic local and international talents in the hope of creating a rich cultural and artistic exchange.

Location: Hussein Bin Ali Street, Jabal Amman


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