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Summer is here and the weather is perfect for long evenings sitting outside enjoying a meal. Because of this, I’ve been scoping out the market for some comfy patio furniture. Now, I’ve see the same ol’, same ol’ at IKEA, but in my search I stumbled upon a company called Ziadat4recycling that intrigued me. In short, Ziadat “creates individual, unique and environmentally friendly products through upcycling”. As a treehugging recycling fanatic, I was more than happy to have found them and decided to check them out.

Keep reading to find out more about the Weibdeh-based grassroots business that refers to themselves as “The Kingdom of Garbage”.

What is Ziadat4recycling?

Ziadat is a small local enterprise that started in Amman to help up-cycle the items that people just simply throw onto the street as trash. What Ziadat does is take these objects and pieces, fix them up a bit, and give them a new life and aesthetic.

These 100% recycled pieces can be bought at their workshop located in the heart of Jabal al-Lweibdeh, 21 Nimr al-Adwan Street (near Luzmilla Hospital).

Outside the Ziadat4Recycling workshop

Why they’re doing what their doing

The minds behind Ziadat saw some issues in Jordan – the lack of a national waste management and separation system, and also a lack of awareness and understanding about recycling. Instead of complaining about this, they saw it as an opportunity and a challenge to take action.

Their Creations

Using 100% recycled materials, they can create custom-made beds, benches, cafe interiors, chairs, closets, lamps, seating, shelves, tables… you name it, they can make it.

You can also bring in your own pieces and have them “upcycle” the piece to make it more up-to-date.

Here are just a few examples of their work:

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You can see more of their work on the Ziadat website and their Instagram.

Donate Your Old Pieces

Ziadat also accepts donations of objects/items that you no longer want. So think twice before tossing them out!

If you have something to donate, want to upcycle something you already have or make a custom request… get in touch with them via the Ziadat Facebook page or stop by the workshop.

Bravo Ziadat!

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