Recycle Your Plastic Bottles & Bags – Refugee Utility Project

Millions of tons of Muncipical Solid Waste (MSW) are being generated every year in Jordan, and due to the fact that there is no municipal recycling available, this waste ends up in the dumpsites and landfills across the country.

As the Jordanian government isn’t offering any solutions at the moment to recycle, it’s up to non-profits to help relieve the trash burden. As you can see in the image below, a little over half of the waste generated in Jordan is biowaste, with plastics coming in second place at 15% of the total municipal waste composition. This is no surprise when no one will drink the tap water, making plastic bottles a daily necessity.

waste in jordan percentages
source: Jordan Green Building Council

What to do with all this plastic?

I’ve already talked about the recycling center at Cozmo 7th circle, where you can take your plastic bottles to, but the other day I came across a post on Facebook about a non-profit called the Refugee Utility Project (RUP) and what they’re doing to reuse piled up plastic across Jordan.

RUP was started in August 2015 in response to the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis, and they’ve recently partnered with InnovationAid, a community organization that seeks to use recycling to create low tech design projects to help in the international development and aid sector. The two organizations came together and held a workshop for Syrian refugees in the North of Jordan where they taught them how to make air conditioning units out of plastic bottles (see the video here).

rup air conditioning units plastic bottles refugees
source: RUP Facebook page

To continue on with their amazing work, RUP is asking for help to collect the materials needed for their upcoming projects, which include making more air conditioning units and fixing holes in the roofs of houses in Zaatari Village Refugee Camp.

What they need from you

  • 1L-1.5L plastic bottles (with a normal size bottle neck)
  • Plastic bags (like the ones the supermarket gives out)

If you have any of the above, you can contact one of their organizers, Maite Eliateliat, directly by email:

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