Blogs About Amman & Jordan

There are other bloggers running around Jordan, recounting their personal experience with living in the country. Below is a list, which I will continuously add to, of other blogs about Amman and Jordan in general. Feel free to check them out!

Living in Jordan

living in jordan blog

Bastian recounts his experience living in Jordan as a foreigner. Originally from Europe, Bastian made the move to Amman in October 2016 with his wife and son. The goal of the blog is to share his views as an international expat living and working in Jordan and also tips for living (renting, banking, etc.), eating, drinking, traveling, shopping, kid-friendly activities, art and more.


Wandering Circles

wandering circles amman blog

Catrina Gregory is an American expat wanderlust writer and editor originally from Bend, Oregon. She started Wandering Circles in December of 2015, and blogs in a very witty and entertaining writing-style about Amman life like what to wear, restaurants & bars, getting around and other destinations outside of Jordan as well.


And Far Away

andfaraway amman blog

Roba Al-Assi, a native Ammani raised in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, started AndFarAway in 2004. Roba writes about life in Amman and contemporary Arab culture.


Sleepless in Amman

sleepless in amman

Lara Abdulhadi started her blog in 2010 and writes about “this and that”. She talks about everything from being a mother, food, life, reviews of places and more.


Know of any other blogs about Jordan & Amman? Share them with me in the comments section below!


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