Find Activities & Events in Amman using Friendture

As a relative newbie to the Amman social scene, I realized it can sometimes be hard to find people that have similar interests or to find events nearby. As if someone was answering my cries for help, the other day I learned about a new social app in Amman called Friendture. The app can help both veterans and newbies of Amman to discover events, activities and meet new people, based on interest and location to avoid this happening:

movie theater alone

When I first heard about Friendture, it reminded me of Meetup, an app I used to use often when I was living in Europe. However, Meetup doesn’t seem to be popular in Amman, so I decided to give Friendture a try.

Sign-up & Browse Events

Sign-up was easy, all I had to do was create a profile and then I could see all of the posted events in Amman. Since April, over 500 events have been posted:

friendture amman

Create Your Own Events

You can also create your own events (for free!), either public or private, via their mobile app, which will be available starting end of June 2017. Just in time for a summer of fun 🙂

No More Group Chats

Friendture also sets out to help relieve the pain of planning a get together with friends using “group chats”… You know what we’re talking about…

group chat friendture amman

Meet the Founders

friendture founders

Rola Fayyad, Founder & CEO and Rashad Majali, Co-Founder & CTO, are the two Jordanian brains behind the Friendture operation. The idea came along when Rola came realized she always seemed to run into issues with her friends’ useless methods of planning their group activities. The numerous whatsapp groups never ended in creating an actual plan. She also realized that people miss out on many opportunities to have fun, because a lack of interest knowledge between them and their friends. And for these reasons, the Friendture idea came along and was officially launched in April 2017.

For more information about this new social app, check out the Friendture Facebook page.



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