Group to Ride Bikes in Amman – Amman Cycling Club

I’m always looking for a new way to stay active in Amman and I came across a night cycling event on Facebook and decided to check it out. Here is my experience…

dabouq amman cycling club

The night cycle was hosted by the Amman Cycling Club and only cost 5 JD, which included the bike, helmet, reflective vest, water and juice.

The particular bike ride I joined went around the Dabouq neighborhood; starting at Cozmo Supermarket, wrapping around the King Hussein Mosque, through the Al-Hussein Public Park and then back towards our starting point.

My Review

It was a good time if you are just looking for a fun, easy ride, but here are three pieces of feedback for improvement:

  1. Meeting time was 9 pm, but we didn’t begin to ride until nearly 10 pm
  2. The group was so large (30+ riders) we had to stop a lot to let everyone catch-up
  3. The bikes are not good quality, making it very hard to go up hill

How to Join a Ride

If you are interested in checking out the Amman Cycling Club and joining them for a ride you can check out their updated schedule of events here.

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