Where to find tempeh & tofu in Amman

I’m personally not a big fan of tofu or tempeh, but many vegans and vegetarians (herbivores and carnivores too!) can’t live without these protein-packed “meat substitutes”.

Never heard of them? Here’s a brief rundown of tofu vs. tempeh:

tofu vs tempeh popsugar
source: https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Difference-Between-Tofu-Tempeh-1034188

Now that you know what these two “t” foods are, here are two places in Amman where you can find them:


toko murad vegan super amman

Toko Murad is an Indonesian shop in the souq in downtown Amman. They sell both tempeh and tofu.

Address: Souq, Downtown Amman.

For the exact location, you can call them on the number in the picture above, but here’s an idea of where to find them:


chinese supermarket amman jordan

There’s a Chinese shop in Gardens that operates every Friday. Here you can find fresh tofu, in addition to lots of fresh Asian green vegetables and other Chinese products.

chinese supermarket amman address

Address: 5th floor on Mohammad Mujhem Msallat Al Fayez Complex, Wasfi Al Tal Street No 122 (look for Jabri in Gardens .. Build No 112 should be 2-3 blocks up). The prominent lower ground shops are Kenz Rent a Car. A liquor shop. A barber at the corner.


Know any other places in Amman that carry tofu or tempeh? Comment below and let me know so I can add them to the list 🙂

6 thoughts on “Where to find tempeh & tofu in Amman

      1. Indeed, last week I saw tofu at the Carrefour in Amman’s “City Mall.” It was in the “imported for you” refrigerated case in the produce department. A 500 gram block cost just over 3 JD.


  1. Toko Murad also sells tofu now, and on Fridays or Saturdays, also Asian greens. They get them from the Chinese supermarket, but for those of us living near balad it’s much more practical than heading out to Gardens 🙂


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