Vegan in Amman – The best non-dairy “milk”

As a self-proclaimed lazy vegan, I consume a lot of oatmeal/muesli/cereal and this means I also go through a lot of non-dairy milk. When I was living in Spain I had my favorite brand, which to my surprise, they also sell in Jordan…but at 3x the price. Because of this, I started to look for a more economical option and came across an Italian brand called The Bridge – La Famiglia Organic.

buy the bridge non-dairy milk jordan

Why I Like Them

I like this brand best because:

  1. they don’t add any artificial ingredients
  2. they don’t add sugar
  3. 100% vegan
  4. organic
  5. the price is right (prices starting around 1.5 JD for soya & rice milks)

Their Products

They also have a huge line of products (see them all here). I haven’t found them all in Jordan, but these are the ones I have seen around Cozmo:

Soya Milk

  • Bio Soya – Natural
  • Bio Soya – Vanilla

Rice Milk

  • Bio Rice Drink – Natural
    • My review: Great flavor!
  • Bio Rice Drink – Cacao
    • My review: Delicious! A dessert in itself.
  • Bio Rice Drink – Coconut
    • My review: Tastes too fragrant for me. But coconut is not a favorite flavor of mine.
  • Bio Rice Drink – Vanilla
    • My review: Delicious!
  • Bio Rice Drink – Calcium

Oat Milk

  • Bio Oat Drink – Natural
    • My review: Delicious!
  • Bio Oat Drink – Calcium

Almond Milk

  • Bio Almond Drink – Sugar Free
    • My review: Great taste, but a bit expensive.

Quinoa Milk

  • Bio Quinoa Drink
    • My review: A bit too strong of a flavor for my liking.


Stay tuned for more vegan products that you can find around Amman without breaking your budget. Know of one? You can suggest it in the comments and I’ll check it out 🙂

3 thoughts on “Vegan in Amman – The best non-dairy “milk”

    1. Hi Hala. I’ve found most companies use a very small amount of oil in the rice milk. I think it makes the consistency much better. It is a VERY small amount though…but I agree, I don’t like seeing oil in food! Tell me if you find one that is just as cheap and no oil 🙂


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