Amman’s Neighborhoods & Circles Explained

This article was requested by a reader who is making the move from India to Amman and said he couldn’t find any information about Amman’s neighborhoods.

All cities have certain shared views when it comes to neighborhoods, districts, etc., this article seeks to explain what the popular view of Amman’s neighborhoods is if you had to describe each one in maximum 2 sentences.



abdali amman
image source: The Jordan Times

Boulevard, the half-abandoned Abdali Mall, Rotana Tower and many other skyscrapers in the making.


abdoun amman
image source:

Rich area, full of embassies, one of the most desirable neighborhoods due to its proximity to the city center. Many expats live here.


dabouq mosque villas
image source:

Really rich area, home to the King’s Palace and the King Hussein Mosque, the largest mosque in Jordan. Many large villas, not many foreigners living here.


gardens street
image source:

Nothing to do or see and still somehow, always trafficky and crowded for no reason at all.

Jabal Amman

rainbow street
image source:

The city center and official “downtown”, many art galleries, best know for Amman’s most famous street – Rainbow Street.


Full of restaurants, especially waffle houses, and to balance it out, also is full of gyms.


barista coffee shop rabieh amman
image source: Barista Jordan Facebook page

Coffee houses everywhere.


sweifieh agencies street
image source:

The place to buy clothes, you can find absolutely anything and everything.


chopard um uthainah
image source:

Gold, diamonds and expensive watch shops galore.


maestro weibdeh
image source: Maestro Music Bar & Restaurant

Where the hipster and single expats live. Full of relatively low-cost bars, pubs, and restaurants with live music nights.


And when it comes to Amman, you can’t get around without referring to which circle somewhere is. Here’s a brief run-down of what you can find in each circle, from 1st – 8th.

Amman map circles and neighborhoods
image source: David P.

1st circle – 2nd circle

Jabal Amman. Amman’s city center.

3rd circle

Many 5 Star hotels (Le Royal, Intercontinental, etc.)

4th circle

Major junction where you can find the Parliament, many embassies, and medical services.

5th circle

The Sheraton.

6th circle

Home of those 2 towers that have been under construction for ages.

7th circle

The “circle” that isn’t really a circle anymore since it is full of stoplights. It is the closest circle headed to the airport and you can spot it by the huge digital billboard looming over it.

8th circle

Full of government buildings.

4 thoughts on “Amman’s Neighborhoods & Circles Explained

  1. this is a very short version and only for those who will pass through the city or have pots of money and therefore will not need the info…but thank you for the map…there are many neighborhoods not mentioned


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