Hiking in Jordan – Wadi el Salayta

I’m always looking for a new adventure to fill my weekends with active, outdoor activities and this past weekend I did just that with a trip to Wadi el Salayta.

Wadi el Salayta is located about 90 km outside of Amman, to the South of Madaba, in Wadi Mujib, Jordan’s most famous canyon.

For this trip through Wadi el Salayta, I was invited by the adventure company Walk and Hike. Keep reading to find out all about my action-packed day jumping off rocks into pools of water, rappelling down cliffs, sliding down waterfalls and zip lining across the plateau.
My day started with a pick-up at 7:30 am in Amman. By 9 am we reached the top of Wadi el Salayta. We then all hopped into the back of a 4×4 to get closer to the canyon floor.

Once we got as far as we could, our adventure began!

First, we walked through a lush, curving canyon…

start to wadi el salayta

Then it was time to cool off by jumping off rocks into the natural pools…

jump off rock wadi el salayta

A little bit of swimming was a must…

swimming wadi el salayta

Then more walking and wading through pools to reach our next stop – an underground waterfall. To get to it, we had to rappel down 8 meters into a pool…

From the pool you then walk along the rocks to the waterfall, where you slide down into another larger, natural pool…

Once we all made it out of the pool, it was time to build a fire and dance a little bit of debke…

debke wadi el salayta

Next, came another jump, but this time off an even higher waterfall…

wadi el salayta huge fall

And our final stop, zip-lining across the plateau into yet another pool of water…

zip lining wadi el salayta

Overall, this 3 km hike was full of adventure and fun and I recommend it for anyone (that isn’t afraid of heights or water) to join!

Tip: If you want an even longer route, you can continue for a total of 12 km if you take a trail to continue through more waterfalls and dams until reaching Mujib Dam.

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