Can you drink the water in Jordan?

Something you’ll notice when you come to Jordan is that no one is drinking water from the tap (this means a LOT of plastic bottles in a city with no municipal recycling). When I’ve asked around, everyone says it is definitely NOT safe to drink. However, everyone is fine with brushing their teeth with it and washing their fruits and veggies, etc. in it. So I decided to investigate a bit more into how safe the water is for drinking purposes, is it really all that bad that people believe it to be?

water tanks rooftops amman
rooftop water tanks are essential in Jordan

Water Scarcity

To begin with, Jordan’s water supply is extremely scarce. As one of the most arid country’s in the world, the per capita water supply is 200m3 per year, whereas the global average is around 600m3 (Source).

drought-stricken-land jordan

Despite this severe water scarcity, more than 97% of Jordanian have access to an improved water source, making it one of the highest rates in the MENA region (Source).

Water Quality

But let’s get back to the original question – is it safe to drink the tap water in Jordan?

drink water in jordan


The short answer – According to the World Health Organization’s drinking water guidelines; Yes.

The more detailed answer, is the following – Drinking water quality in Jordan is governed by Jordanian Standard 286 of 2008, which is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water guidelines. Jordan’s standards were modified in 2008 and previously in 2001, after a major drinking water pollution outbreak occurred in Amman in the summer of 1998 due to a malfunction of the capital’s major drinking water treatment plant.

A 2005 study showed that different potable water sources across four governorates showed that drinking water quality was in compliance with national physiochemical standards. And a study in 2011 by the Jordanian Government showed that more than 90% of samples taken at house water storage tanks in three Amman distribution zones (Rasheed, Kharabsheh and Khalda) were in compliance with the recommendations of the WHO Drinking Water Guidelines.

To sum it all up, the tap water is fine to drink if you wish, but an at home filtration system is always a good idea 🙂

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