Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Amman – Seed

In the heart of the Abdoun neighborhood, between the 4th and 5th Circles, you will find Seed Healthy, a gourmet, deli-style grocery. You can choose to take-away any of their menu items, grab a seat at one of the tables set-up on their small outdoor terrace or dine-in at the 3 stools set-up at the window.

seed restaurant amman

I recently visited Seed to check out their vegan-friendly menu options and to find out more about how they want to empower their customers (and community) to make healthy choices everyday.

The Menu at Seed

On the menu you’ll find freshly squeezed juices, customizable smoothies, pre-packaged salads and a different soup every day. You can also stock up on snacks like trail mix and seasonal dehydrated fruits and vegetables at the in-house Seed shop.

Vegan Choices

On my first visit to Seed, I tried a sample of the Positive Energy juice (beet, carrot, parsley, apple, lemon), the Pesto Quinoa salad, and the Tomato & Thyme soup of the day. All were very delicious, notably fresh and made with ingredients of the highest quality. Though Seed isn’t strictly vegan, the majority of the menu is full of vegan choices. However,  Vegetarians, Pescatarians and carnivores alike can find dairy, eggs, fish and chicken on the menu as well.

See the full menu here.
seed restaurant amman interior

Interview with Owner & Creator of Seed – Mosaab Mustafa

To hear more about why Seed “cares about the way Amman eats”, I sat down with the owner and creator Mosaab Mustafa. Here’s what he had to say about his healthy addition to the Amman restaurant scene.

When did you start Seed? Why?

I started Seed in December, 2013 — the official opening was January, 2014. I had just finished my masters in New York City (Organizational Change Management) and started working at a consulting firm. I quickly realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do and that I wanted to open a business of my own. I had always been health conscious, but at the time, I was in the best shape of my life. I combined two passions: team management and health. New York had a lot of healthy-eating options to learn from, and that’s how the idea of Seed was born.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Most of our ingredients are locally sourced, but not everything. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We do our best to support our community and feature a number of local suppliers’ snacks and groceries. We try to be seasonal too, but that can also be quite limiting, so we don’t set it as a rule.

Who comes up with the menu?

Me and my mom! We consult professionals about the nutritional value of all our menu items and tweak recipes accordingly to make sure that they are doing for the body what food should. But as far as food goes, my mom has always been my inspiration. She has fed our family a whole lot of great food over the years (and to this day), and it was always a healthy twist on a classic recipe. She’s in charge of food. I take care of the drinks. That’s my speciality.

seed amman mosaab mustafa owner
Mosaab & the lady behind the menu – his mom!

How often does the menu change?

Every 6 months at least.

What do you do to recycle at Seed?

Unfortunately, we don’t recycle, but not for lack of trying. But we do plan on trying harder. I have just recently heard about someone who might actually help us get all our plastic over to be recycled. A new Jordanian group that seems to have a very good idea. That would really be wonderful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

What’s in store for the future of Seed?

We want to keep growing! What we want is for more and more people to have more and more easy, delicious, healthy options. We have a Seed franchise in Bahrain and are in the process of opening up our second shop and kitchen there. We are also planning to open a second shop in Jordan this Summer. We are in talks with people around the GCC about opening there. It’s an exciting time!

Keep up to date with all the Seed happenings on the Seed Facebook page and visit them for a nutritional meal to-go or to dine-in at their Abdoun location.

Location:Located next to BOOKS@CAFÉ and across from Four Winters, Abdoun, Amman

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