Guided Hiking in Jordan – Private Tour Companies

Jordan is a country of many different types of breathtaking landscapes and one of the best ways to see it is by hiking. Though the Jordan Trail covers 600+ kilometers of the country from north to south, the majority of these hiking paths are unmarked. Because of this, guided hikes are highly recommended. If you’re an experienced hiker (or happen to have Bedouin blood) and know how to get around using GPS apps like, then you can save some JDs and go on a self-guided hike, but if you’re not looking to get stuck in the middle of Wadi Rum, then I’ve compiled a list of some local private tour companies that offer hiking tours in Jordan.

Here they are…

Terhaal Adventures

terhaal adventures

Terhaal Adventures is a Jordanian tour operator that runs adventure holiday trips in Jordan within the values of responsible tourism. Besides cultural tours, Terhaal runs a variety of active holidays and adventures that include trekking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, canyoning, camping and & scuba diving. From day-trips to complete vacation packages, most of our itineraries are designed to be suitable for everyone.

Tropical Desert

tropical desert

Eco-tourism agency which offers treks into Jordan’s hills, canyons and deserts year-round in addition to canyoning, climbing and caving.

Discover Jordan

discover jordan tours

Discover Jordan Tours is owned and operated by expatriates who have been living in Jordan for a number of years. Discover Jordan specializes in inbound tourism and destination consultancy. They offer a variety of Organized Day Trips, Tour Packages and Adventure travel.

Experience Jordan

experience jordan logo

Experience Jordan offers an opportunity to discover, explore, and experience Jordan, as well as provide a way to meet new people and make new friends. Group sizes are limited to enable friendships and interaction; safety is a priority; and we support local communities and subscribe to Leave no Trace ethics. They offer weekly walks, hikes, and outings suitable for all skill levels and most ages throughout various sites and trails in Jordan. They also offer dining with a local Jordanian family, professionally licensed single day-trips or multi-day tours throughout Jordan’s’ most popular sites.

Wild Jordan Adventures

wild jordan logo

Wild Jordan is a registered trademark of The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature  (RSCN) and its revenue contributes to the sustainability of RSCN’s protected areas and supports the socio economic development of local communities. Wild Jordan Adventures offers eco-tourists a variety of destinations to explore. Visit one or more of Jordan’s nature reserves for a hike, or go camping, on a safari, canyoning, cycling.

Am I missing any tour companies? Let me know in the comment section below!

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