Vegetarian & Vegan-friendly restaurants in Amman

A question I always get is “how are you finding it to be vegan in Jordan?” My answer is always this: “Easy! There’s no problem at all!”

It’s true, Middle Eastern cuisine does include a lot of meat dishes, but from what I’ve seen, the menu at any restaurant always has a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

However, to dig a little further into the vegetarian and vegan movement in Amman, I scoped out a few restaurants that are being very creative with their veg menu options. At the moment, I have only found two restaurants in Amman that are strictly vegetarian, Shams el Balad in Jabal Amman and Hashem Restaurant in the downtown.

The other restaurants on this list do serve meat and/or fish, but also have creative and clearly labeled vegetarian and vegan dishes for those days you just don’t want to see another salad, falafel or hummus.

Shams el Balad

shams el balad amman collage

Concept: A grassroots cafe that brings together local craft, produce and culture. One of Amman’s first farm to table outlets, integrated into a co-working and exhibition space. The menu is full of strictly-local delicacies using only the freshest, organic, seasonal ingredients, directly sourced Yemeni coffee and a variety of handcrafted tea blends.

Why I like it: In addition to very diverse and tasty food, it is completely smoke-free indoors, has a beautiful outdoor terrace with views of the Citadel and Ummayad Palace and they are environmentally conscious (they don’t sell any bottled water, filtered water is free for all customers).

Strictly vegetarian: Yes

Location: 69 Mu’Ath Bin Jabal Street (Jabal Amman)

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Hashem Restaurant

hashem restaurant vegetarian amman
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Concept: Hashem Restaurant is Amman’s legendary street food joint downtown. Hummus, falafel, muttabal, etc. etc. You can find it all here at pocket-friendly prices.

Strictly vegetarian: Yes

Location: King Faisal Street (Downtown Amman)

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primal amman vegetarian friendly

Concept: The first and only paleo restaurant in Amman. Their vision is to get back to eating healthily and purely.

Why I like it: Comfortable atmosphere with indoor (upstairs & downstairs) and outdoor seating, diverse and interesting menu using the most basic of ingredients, options for all types of dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free), vegan choices are easy to spot on the menu too:

primal vegan

Strictly vegetarian: No – serves meat & fish

LocationOmar Bin Ekramah Street, Zahran (Abdoun)

Wild Jordan

wild jordan amman rooftop

Concept: Wild Jordan Center offers a seasonal menu which provides wholesome and hearty choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack or drink. Menu items are inspired by the local cuisine.

Why I like it: Wild Jordan has unbeatable views of downtown Amman, a very cozy atmosphere and delicious, fresh food. I love to go with my computer and get work done on the bottom floor of the restaurant while having something to eat and drink.

Strictly vegetarian: No, but they have a large selection of both vegetarian and vegan items on the menu. Everything is clearly labeled as well:

wild jordan vegetarian vegan

LocationOthman Bin Affan Street, 36 (off Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman)

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seed restaurant amman interior

Concept: Healthy, gourmet, deli-style food shop that cares about the way Amman eats. Using only the freshest ingredients, to have products packed with vitamins and nutrients to energize yourself, feel and look healthy, and live your best life. Also focuses on empowering customers (and the community) to make healthy choices every day. That means that they don’t just sell products, but also do their best to give information to customers to make the healthiest choices, both at Seed and beyond.

Why I like it: Outdoor seating, good if you need to grab something quickly (everything is packed to-go), healthy smoothies, hearty soups (made with almond milk instead of dairy).

Strictly vegetarian: No – serves chicken and tuna

Location: Omar Bin Ekramah Street, Zahran (Abdoun)

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And as the Amman vegetarian-friendly scene is always growing, below are more places that cater to dietary restrictions. Please note, I have not personally visited these places (yet!).

Pepper & Pine Co.

pepper and pine co amman jordan

Concept: Local ingredients prepared with care in their kitchen for clean eating.

Strictly vegetarian: No, but items are clearly marked on the menu if they are vegan with this symbol:

pepper and pine co amman vegan

Location: Sido Al-Kurdi Complex, Fawzi al Qawouqji Street, 11 (Abdoun)

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Concept: Primrose is both a small restaurant and health food shop. They specialize in fresh and healthy salads, soups, wraps, sandwiches, light bites and sweets.

Strictly vegetarian: No, but menu items are clearly marked with the following key:

primrose amman vegetarian

LocationAl Kawkab Street, Building #11 (Sweifieh)

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Map of Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Am I missing any restaurants? Comment below and let me know!


5 thoughts on “Vegetarian & Vegan-friendly restaurants in Amman

  1. Thanks for the great advice. I live in Jerusalem and when traveling outside of Israel I eat only in strict vegetarian restaurants. I found Hashem Restaurant also veggie and really good street food. I found they put too much olive oil on the hummus and full so I asked politely “lou simat, beduin zauit zatuien” which translates to ‘please, without olive oil”. Shams el Balad was really good too!


    1. Hi Eric. Thanks for the compliment! Glad to see the post helped you out. I have a lot of posts about being vegan in Amman if you’re ever back in the city and want to try out anymore veg friendly places.


  2. Thanks for your article, it helps me particularly to know more vegetarian restaurant. I live in Amman since months and only knew few restaurant. Ive been in Wild Jordan and Hashem and were quite good. Try to pass by others you pointed out here. Rzgar


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