How to Extend a Tourism Visa in Jordan

If you are planning on visiting Jordan for tourism, you most likely will be able to obtain a 2-week tourism visa upon arrival (check if your country is eligible here).  As of May 2017, the price of the tourism visa was 40 JD (single entry).

If you plan on staying longer than your visa allows for, after 1 month you need to visit the police station closest to your temporary residence to extend it to 3 months (free of charge). You will need to provide basic information about yourself and where you will be staying during your remaining time in Jordan.

To go about extending my own tourism visa, I went to the police station in my district (find the police department closest to you on this website.). The first step was to fill out papers with my passport information (don’t forget to bring it!), my mother’s information (a bit odd) and my temporary address in Amman.

Tip #1: Bring someone who knows Arabic, just in case.
police station amman
Then, I went to a separate part of the police station to get fingerprinted and have my papers signed by the officer during the fingerprinting.

Tip #2: Bring wet wipes because there is no bathroom to wash the black ink off your fingers and you end up walking around trying not to touch anything like this…
extending tourism visa jordan
After you have been fingerprinted, you head back to the original place you filled out the papers to hand in the papers and you’re done!

It’s a relatively smooth process, but as everything in Jordan, it definitely helps to know someone. So that’s where my final tip comes in…

Tip #3: bring along an ex-police officer to translate and skip a few lines. If you need a contact, let me know.

If you overstay your visa

There is a penalty is 1.5 JD for each overstayed day. Basically this means you’ll be charged 45 JD for each month you pass the visa limit.

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    1. Hi @gloriousforest – do you have a source that mentions this info? I only find info stating 1 JD per day. Thanks!


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