How to Extend a Tourist Visa in Jordan

If you are planning on visiting Jordan for tourism, you most likely will be able to obtain a 2-week tourist visa upon arrival (check if your country is eligible here).  As of May 2018, the price of the tourist visa was 40 JD (single entry).

Extending a visa 1-3 months

If you plan on staying longer than your visa allows for, after 1 month you need to visit the police station closest to your temporary residence to extend it to 3 months (free of charge). You will need to provide basic information about yourself and where you will be staying during your remaining time in Jordan. You also need to provide a reason for your visa extension with proof. For example, your apartment lease, a letter from your Arabic school, etc.

To go about extending my own tourism visa, I went to the police station in my district (find the police department closest to you on this website.). The first step was to fill out papers with my passport and visa information (don’t forget to bring it as well as photocopies), my mother’s information (a bit odd) and my temporary address in Amman.

Tip #1: Bring someone who knows Arabic, just in case.
police station amman
Then, I went to a separate part of the police station to get fingerprinted and have my papers signed by the officer during the fingerprinting.

Tip #2: Bring wet wipes because there is no bathroom to wash the black ink off your fingers and you end up walking around trying not to touch anything like this…
extending tourism visa jordan
After you have been fingerprinted, you head back to the original place you filled out the papers to hand in the papers and you’re done!

It’s a relatively smooth process, but as everything in Jordan, it definitely helps to know someone. So that’s where my final tip comes in…

Tip #3: bring along an ex-police officer to translate and skip a few lines. Ask a Jordanian friend for a contact, most likely they know someone who can help out. Do know, you will have to “tip” this person for their services.

Extending a visa 3-6 months

If you have already extended your visa to 3 months using the process above, you can get a further extension to up to 6 months at the Management of Residence and Borders office (called Al-Iqama wal Hudood in Arabic) off Wasfi Al Tall Street in Khalda (map).

management residence and borders office khalda amman

At the Management of Residence and Borders office you will need to fill out an application, provide copies of your passport and visa page (no photocopy available on-site) and pay a fee of 1 JD. Once you submit your application you have to return in 2 weeks to see if the extension was approved.

If you overstay your visa

There is a penalty is 1.5 JD for each overstayed day. Basically, this means you’ll be charged 45 JD for each month you pass the visa limit.


24 thoughts on “How to Extend a Tourist Visa in Jordan

    1. Hi @gloriousforest – do you have a source that mentions this info? I only find info stating 1 JD per day. Thanks!


  1. Hi,i am in Amman and i need to extend my visa.Can you give me the contact of that ex-police official to help me? i will be grateful.Ivan


      1. Hi Aman. If you have overstayed you will need to go to the foreigner’s office and pay the fine first.


  2. Hi there! i’m from the Philippines and i’ve been running around to have my visa extended went to ASEZA to have to extended but directed me to the police station when i went as well. they advised me to go to Amman to the Ministry of Interior for an approval first and i’m a bit worried of my visa since it will expire will expire in less than a week. tried it online on their extension as well. any advise of help badly needed please 🙏 – JAN


  3. Hello! I’m currently in Amman until January. Maybe we can meet sometime! Thanks for the post! I’m planning on going to Egypt tomorrow for a week and just realized that I will have to pay ANOTHER 40JD to re-enter Jordan when I return. Do you know how to go about getting a multi-entry visa? I’ve read on the U.S. Embassy website that I can go to the Ministry of Interior, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it to try that tomorrow before I leave or if I should just pay the 40 JD. Thanks for your help and all of your information about Amman!


  4. Hi! I was wondering if you know of a quick way to get a multi-entry visa? I’m staying in Amman for the next three months, and I’m leaving to go to Egypt tomorrow for a week and realized I’ll have to pay another 40JD to re-enter Jordan when I return. The U.S. Embassy suggests going to the Ministry of Interior, and I was wondering if it’s worth going there or not or if you’ve had experience going there. Thanks so much for the post, and maybe we can meet up sometime! As an American in Amman for the first time, I really appreciate all of the information that you’ve posted! 🙂


    1. Hey! As far as I know there’s no way to get a multi entry tourist visa through the US Embassy easily… I researched a while back and didn’t see it would be possible. 😦


  5. Hello Chelsa,
    Thank you so much for your info! The website helps me a lot during my stay.
    I am wondering whether an over-stay (about a month) will cause any record preventing future entry… If it’s normal to just pay it off–where to pay the over-stay outside of the airport?
    Is it worth the hassle of going through the Management of Residence office? What document do they request…
    Thank you!!


    1. Hi Wen. I wouldn’t risk it and just go to the office to extend your visa properly. I am sure you can extend at the airport easily, but I wouldn’t want to risk issues in the future.


  6. Hi Chelsea! Your blog is so helpful as I’m planning to visit Amman soon for a couple of months. My question: you mentioned you have to give a reason for extending the tourism visa. Is it sufficient to just want to stay (and to have some sort of accommodation that makes this possible)? Or do I need a more solid reason, like ‘my language class hasn’t ended yet?’ Thanks for the help in advance!


    1. Hey! Thanks 🙂 I am not sure what the valid reasons would be to extend your visa, but Jordan seems pretty relaxed so I’m guessing it won’t be a hard thing to extend. Even if you have to pay an extra amount.


  7. Hello Chelsea, I’m a Nigerian & intend applying for a visa for to Jordan and would as well love to reside there too how do I go about it so I can get a resident stay? I look forward to reading from you soon .



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