How and where to recycle in Amman

As an avid recycler, upon arriving in Jordan it shocked me to see that there is no municipal recycling offered. I cringed every time I would toss a bottle or piece of paper into the trash. To make this even worse, the tap water is not drinkable in Jordan (or is it?), so that means A LOT of plastic bottles are being used. I tried to come up with my own ways to minimize my personal contribution of plastic bottles to the landfills of Jordan with this simple solution – A water pump and water cooler jugs.

save plastic bottles amman

You can buy the “water pump” to attach to any water cooler jug at Carrefour and the large cooler size jugs at most any supermarket. If you don’t see the cooler jugs right away, you can ask, they most likely have them in the warehouse. The Aquafina 12 liter jug pictured above costs around 2.5 JD but is not refillable, whereas the Nestle 18.9 liter jug costs 5 JD for the first full jug, and 2.70 JD to refill it afterward at the same place you bought it.

But even with these simple environmental life hacks, I still had a LOT of recycling piling up at home, so I did a bit of research to find out if there was any possible way to recycle in Amman, and I came across the following places:

BE Environmental Services بيئي

BE Environmental Services (BE) was founded in 2008 with the “aim to reduce the impact of waste on the environment and to maximize its resource value to the benefit of the Jordanian economy and population”.  They have a domestic recycling center, dubbed “Cozmo Recycling Centre”, open to the public where you can bring your recyclables 7 days a week.

Location: Opposite the COZMO Supermarket main entrance carpark at the 7th Circle in Sweifieh
cozmo recycling center amman
They accept the following items for recycling:

  • Paper of any kind
  • Any metal, including aluminum (e.g. soda cans), steel and other scrap
  • Polyehtylene terephtalate (PET) bottles (e.g. plastic water and soda bottles) and all other plastic materials, including wrappings, bags, containers, boxes, Styrofoam etc.
  • Wood scraps including broken furniture, pallets, cable rolls etc.
  • Printer and copier toner cartridges, batteries of any size and kind
  • Old bread and used cooking oil

FYI – they do not accept glass because there are no glass recycling plants in Jordan (I need to get one of these!)

bins recycling center in amman

BE also offers Waste Management Services for businesses to recycle on-site and is currently working on a reward system to encourage everyone to separate at the source, whether at home or at the office.

To find out more you can contact them on the BE Environmental Services Facebook page.

MMAG Foundation

In cooperation with BE Environmental Services, MMAG Foundation campus in Jabal Amman has launched a recycling centre. They accept all types of recyclable waste with the exception of any glass material.

The centre is open to the public to drop off recyclable waste from Saturday to Thursday, 10 am – 5 pm.  Outside of these hours you can still bring your recycling as there is a drop-off box as well.

Location: 30 Othman Bin Affan Street, Jabal Amman

recycling center jabal amman jordan

Green Spot

green spot recycling amman

Green Spot offers paid recycling services (paper, cardboard, paper shredding, metal recycling, waste management, etc.).


ikea amman

Have a lot of paper and cardboard stockpiled? Did you know you can bring it to IKEA’s recycling center? Read more about IKEA’s go green local initiatives here.

Nour Al Barakah

nour al barakah organic compost
compost bins at Nour Al Barakah community garden

You may have heard of Nour Al Barakah because they have a farmer’s market every Saturday at their community garden off Mecca Street (map). But they are also pros at recycling organic waste to turn it into composted soil that can be reused. If you don’t want to follow our guide to compost at home just yet, then you can drop off your compostable waste (no meat, no bones) in a cardboard box at the Nour Al Barakah center and they will do it for you!


prakti upcycle workshop amman

PRAKTI is a Jordanian start-up which turns old pieces into something new. Their workshop is located in Swefieh and there you can drop-off discarded wood, plastic bottles, old ropes, and old furniture.

T Bottle

t bottle upcycled bottle artwork amman

T Bottle turns glass bottles into pieces of art. Find out how to donate your used glass bottles here.


Do you know other places in Amman to recycle? Let me know in the comments below…

43 thoughts on “How and where to recycle in Amman

  1. In Jabal al-Lweibdeh! @ziadat4recycling we also have a recycling box in front of the workshop where you can put your plastic, glass, metal and paper. Open 24/7!


      1. Just some info to be added
        Tap water in Jordan to be considered one of top ten or twenty drinkable water in the world according to specialists.
        Paper and metal recycling in Jordan back for so many centuries, we just don’t talk that much ,
        ask to find answers


  2. Hi there I am going hiking next month in Jordan (Mar 2018)I am trying ta zero waste impact (and of course drinking water and zero waste packaging play a large part in this)
    1. I read your post about drinking water in Amman – what about Dana-Petra?
    2. I am going to carry my trash but also is there any chance it will be recycled – or just dump it in the next place I stay?
    Any other tips.


    1. Hi there @desert hiker
      Wow this sounds like an awesome trip. I would love to write an article about how your experience was afterwards. Let me know if you’re interested.
      I recommend getting one of these bottles with a filter in them, that was you can be sure you are on the safe side and don’t have to buy plastic bottles.
      I don’t think you have any chance of finding places along the way to recycle your trash… I have only seen a few places in Amman that recycle and I doubt you want to carry your trash the whole hike and then back with you to Amman…


      1. Many thanks your reply! Yes I would love to give you details on my hiking experiences. I have a number of hiking bottles but your point about a filter is a great one. Also I am hoping that I can at least ensure any picnic waste is dropped off at the next lodging (and if I happen to see any litter on the way to pick it up as well!) At very least we keep the beautiful countryside pristine for those that follow.


    1. Hi Diana – if it’s not open when you go, there is a drop box where you can place your items in so you don’t have to worry too much about opening hours.


    2. cozmo recycling center is not a recycling center. they do not recycle what you give them. they dump it as trash, because this way it is cheaper for them. i was very disappointed upon mu arrival there.


  3. Hi there,
    Im very interested in recycling and have plannned to go eco friendly on a more active approcah from now on .
    ESP sounds great but sad to hear they are not being funded, i used to drop my recyclable waste at cosmo but sometimes i ‘d just categorize the waste and put next to the bin near home due to being lazy to go to cozmo go green.
    I asked many times why there aren’t the recycling bins but the response was frustrating..
    Regardless, i am intersted in learning more about recycling composting in jordan …
    Thanks in advance .


    1. Hi Razan. Glad to hear you’ll be trying to be more eco friendly! It’s a step by step process and every little bit counts. I am also sad to hear ESP stopped operating 😦 They do still work with businesses though as far as I know. I hope you can start making the trip to Cozmo still as I think putting waste outside the bin isn’t very productive. Also, how about trying composting for organic waste?


      1. Composting is within the plan ,
        I do mini composting at home sometimes but as i said i do it all right until it comes to the trip to drop off is where i go lazy 😬🙈😢 i wish we were like other contries where recycling is more convenient …


      2. Yes, recycling isn’t convenient in Amman, it’s true. But for me it’s one of the most important things for me, so I don’t mind the extra effort. And it also makes me second guess every purchase when I know I’ll have to store the garbage until I can bring it to Cozmo! And I stopped buying glass, as it’s not recycled anywhere.


      3. Thanks i’ll keep those tips in mind …
        I’ll be keeping reauable bags in the car and mesh ones for the fruits and veggie shopping 😅
        I planning on making the cozmo trip twice a month and im looking into home composting methods coz i like to have natural fertilizer for my plants on the balcony …
        Any other you tips you would recomment …
        Many Thanks


    2. For composting I recommend checking out my post on how to start composting. You can also visit Nour al Barakah for some help as they compost there.


  4. Hey Chelsea! is there any recycling company that i can arrange with them a monthly visit to our office so they can take our paper,cardboard,etc. for recycling?


  5. Hi Chelseas, very nice topic and blog! I’ve recently started waste paper recycling in Amman, please have a look at it:

    I’ve also initiated a campaign called “Green Spots Map” it’s a grey map of jordan, and when someone new join the recycling of waste paper, I mark their location with a green Bin. People will sort the waste paper and I will help them in shipping it to the recycling facility.
    The Green Spots Map Link:


  6. Hi
    I have a plan to recycle the wheels and water bottles by agriculture it in garden and also I have a volunteery team
    What’s I need? I need advices, ideas can I use it in the real field and some one lead us to that in proper way
    Can you help us.


  7. Great info Chelsea! Good that there are exist people that thinking about problems of our world. Possibly, these info could make our world a bit better and cleaner.


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