Personalized Cakes & Cookies – The Cake Shop

If you have a birthday party or special event that you need a unique dessert for, then a personalized cake, cupcakes or cookies (CCC) are always a fun and creative idea.

Amman is definitely not a stranger to the CCC fad, so it’s easy to find a place with these sweets on offer. Last week I tried out a personalized cake from The Cake Shop in Abdoun and it was delicious (Ferrero Rocher flavor):

the cake shop amman

The Cake Shop has 5 locations in Amman:

  • Abdoun (+962 65-925-295)
  • Al Rabieh (+962 65-563-738)
  • Dabouq (+962 65-413-215)
  • Khalda (+962 79-758-1971)
  • 7th Circle (+962 65-862-121)

For more information you can check out their Facebook page.



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