Luigi’s Pizza

Luigi’s Pizza is a quaint family-owned, one-room pizzeria near the 4th Circle of Amman. Even though it’s a small restaurant, the menu has many options at cheap prices from pizza, pasta, soup, salad to delicious dessert pizzas.

Check their full menu here.

luigis pizza amman


The pizzas are baked in a wood-oven, giving them a thin and crispy crust and you can even order the gluten-free option if you’re into that kind of thing. If you go, be sure to try the Warm Banoffee Calzone, which is wrapped pizza dough filled with caramel and banana wedges topped with more caramel and sprinkled with digestive biscuits. Need I say more?

banoffee calzone luigis amman
Banoffee Calzone.

If you’re going for a healthier option (or just want to save room for dessert), the Insalata Ai Funghi is a personal favorite of mine. You can pair that with the Focaccia if you still need a carb-fix.

Luigi’s also offers delivery – 065931932 / 0789444648

Location: 4th Circle, Behind Metlife Alico, Salloum Street, Amin Mire’i complex

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