Four Winters Ice Cream

Four Winters is an ice cream chain that started right here in Amman and since it’s 2013 founding, has expanded to have shoppes across London and Saudi Arabia as well. Their concept is to find a way to make ice cream a new experience, mixing culinary art and technology. Using seasonal, fresh ingredients, their chefs and scientists create ice cream flavors that when you order they mix with liquid nitrogen right in front of you that is reminiscent of a witch and her bubbling cauldron.

The reason behind the name? Every season they have a new set of flavors and ice cream creations. You can choose one of their four seasonal “Collection” options, a “Solo” flavor, or a “Fusion” or you can make your own choosing your “Solo” flavor and adding mix-ins and toppings. Check out the flavors of the current season here.

My favorite creation of the Winter 2017 collection is Peanut Butter Pretzel. I also tried Stroopwaffel, but Peanut Butter Pretzel is my favorite because of the mix of salty and sweet.

four winters amman winter 2017 flavor

When you go to Four Winters, don’t forget to get a frequent ice cream-er card. You get stamps based on the size you buy, and when you have 10 stamps, that means free ice cream!

four winter free ice cream card
Time for free ice cream 🙂

Amman Locations:
Abdoun – Fawzi Al Kawekji St

The Boulevard

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