Al Kalha Falafel Dabouq

Al Kalha is a restaurant chain that started over 80 years ago and specializes in traditional Middle Eastern dishes. I go to their Dabouq branch, which though it has plenty of seating, I’ve always just grabbed a falafel wrap/sandwich/pita to go. The portions are huge and the wrap with all of the ingredients you want to add (hummus, tahini salad, veggies, olives, spices, etc.) only costs 1 JD! They also deliver (06 582 0200) and apparently they throw in a free Nutella wrap…

kalha falafel dabouq amman
Al Kalha Dabouq location

The staff is very friendly, but only the cashier speaks English so here is some helpful vocabulary so you don’t have to just point at things like I’ve had to do.

Just say “beddi” (I want):

  • mkhallal – pickles
  • salata – salad
  • khas – lettuce
  • bandora – tomatoes
  • kheyar – cucumbers
  • zaytoon – olives
  • felfel akhdar – green peppers
  • shatta – a spicy red sauce
  • tatbeeleh – a green sauce

Royal Center, King Abdullah II St A168, Amman

They also have another location at the Queen Alia International Airport.

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