Al Quds – Falafel Sandwiches

There’s no first post that is more fitting than this one about Al Quds because

  1.  it was the first place I ate in Amman
  2. I love falafel (who doesn’t?)


Al Quds is quite possibly one of the most famous places to get a falafel sandwich in Amman. If you don’t believe me, take it from the King and Queen of Jordan, as pictures of their visits to Al Quds are all over the walls when you step inside the tiny shop.

Known as one of the oldest places to grab falafel in Amman, it was founded in 1966, just 20 years after the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was established as a country.

The tiny one room kitchen/shop has just one item on the menu, falafel sandwiches. Each sandwich comes with a fresh serving of falafel. Fresh meaning it is literally made in a big vat of bowling oil directly to your left as your stand in line to order. The sandwich, made on fresh sesame seed bread, also comes dressed with tomato, pickle and a special sauce made from milk* and tahini (sesame paste).

*If you’re vegan just ask for no sauce by saying “bedoon taheeneh”,  which literally means without tahini.

Price: under 2 JD

Location: Al Quds is located in Jabal Amman, the city center of Amman, right on the main street “Al-Rainbow”:

8 thoughts on “Al Quds – Falafel Sandwiches

  1. I stopped going to Al Quds when the staff mistook my husband for a local and accidentally charged him the correct price. When they realised their mistake, they raised the price by 100%.


    1. Hi Nour. I love tahini, but their “tahini sauce” is apparently mixed with dairy products so it isn’t vegan. If you go by sometime, do double check with them to see if they changed that!


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